• December 29, 2021 6:13 am
  • Outside of Ethiopia
Br 8,000

Speed limiter features:
1 Speed Limiter
Enforce to limit the speed of your vehicle if preset maximum speed

2 Tamper proof
Maximum speed is 40km/h if maximum speed is tampered or sensor is cut.

3 Download data
Data can be stored for 72 hours at interval of 5 seconds.
Data can be retrieved by connecting device to computer via USB data port

4 Bluetooth Printer
Violations can be printed out for the last one-hour driving. Portable printer prevents drivers from printing
Speed violations can be printed

5 Violations alarm
All violations will be transmitted to platform.

6 Over speed alarm
When vehicle reaches 95% of preset speed limit, built-in buzzer shall make sound alarm to warn driver.

7 Fuel monitoring (optional)
Monitor vehicle fuel consumption. Need connect with fuel sensor that gives out analog voltage.
Real time fleet tracking Working power: 2W
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